Youth Group


Middle School Youth Group is a program offered to 6th through 8th graders Wednesday nights from 4:15-5:30. Specifically tailored to the heart and life of junior high students, this group is firmly rooted in faithful friendship and prayer. We spend our weekly meetups in games, snacks, lessons and conversation based in the life and teachings of Jesus. Gospel centered lessons and discussion, aligned with the Catholic church’s weekly teachings offer an avenue for us to dive deeper into what faith means for life as a teenager. Marked by annual retreats and opportunities to serve in our church, schools and community, our Middle School Youth Group is a light in Evergreen and we would love to have you a part!

For more information about Christ the King’s Middle School Youth Group or if you are interested in attending or volunteering to assist, contact Colton Cavey at 303-674-5159.


Our High School Youth Group, comprised of 9th through 12th graders, also meets Wednesday nights, but from 5:45-7:00. Like a good wine, our Youth Group gets better with age so our high schoolers are granted opportunities to go a little bit deeper. Above and beyond. In fellowship, service and prayer, we are an intentionally relationship based bunch. Aiming to foster friendships in faith that carry us through life and draw us deeper into the heart of Jesus. Though highlighted by weekly good snacks, music and games, we also offer an annual retreat and opportunities to reach our schools and communities. This group is firmly founded in the desire to discover the beauty in the Catholic faith and offer it in our lives to those around us. This community, too, is a light in our small mountain town and very welcoming of new faces and stories!

Come join us in the Martyrs of Charity (M.O.C.) room in the lower level of the Parish Center. Again, contact Colton Cavey at 303-674-5159 for more information on any of our youth programs.