There are many ways parishioners can serve at Mass.  Each build up community and foster active participation in the liturgy.  To sign up for any of these ministries, please contact Erin Doyle at 303-674-3155.

Sacristans fill a vital role in the liturgy by setting up for Mass, checking in the other ministers, and making sure everything runs smoothly.  Sacristans are usually scheduled once a month for 90 minutes.  We also invite high school juniors or seniors to participate in our paid sacristan program.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)
EMHC give communion at Mass when needed, and can also be eligible to bring communion to the homebound.  There is some training required, but the spiritual benefits to those who participate are palpable.

Lectors proclaim the Scripture at Mass and help present to the faithful God’s story of love and salvation.  They also read the announcements at the beginning of Mass.

Hospitality ministers greet the faithful as they arrive, and help with any questions people might have.  They serve in an essential way, by making CTK a welcoming place for parishioners and visitors alike.

Servers serve the altar at Mass.  There is some training required.  The ministry is open to anyone from the fourth grade up.