Child Protection

Christ the King is committed to ensuring that every child or young person in our care remains safe from predatory behavior. Every staff member and volunteer that comes in to contact with a child or young person must undergo a background check and attend Safe Environment training courses. We also provide yearly age-appropriate classes for children, youth, and their families so that everyone knows how to identify and eliminate predatory behavior. The new parish center was designed with the criteria of the American Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People firmly in mind.

To report incidents of sexual abuse

All reports of sexual abuse are taken seriously, and therefore any complaint should be substantiated before reporting.

All incidents of sexual abuse of anyone under the age of 18 years of age, should be reported immediately to the civil authorities.

Further, if you wish to report an incident of sexual abuse involving a minor to the archdiocese, please contact the Director of the Office of Child & Youth Protection at 303-715-3226.

In addition, allegations of sexual misconduct against a priest, deacon or seminarian should be directed to the Vicar for Clergy at 303-715-3197.

Allegations of sexual misconduct involving adult lay staff should be directed to the Director of Human Resources at 303-715-3193.

Allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment that involve only lay adults in a Catholic school setting should be directed to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools at 303-715-3132.

Christ the King also requires all staff catechists to adhere to the Archdiocese of Denver Code of Conduct.  For more information on the COC, please click here.