Marthas in Christ

Marthas in Christ is named after St Martha of Bethany, who, along with her sister, Mary, and her brother, Lazarus, were dear friends of Jesus.  Martha welcomed Jesus and his disciples often into her home and lovingly served them.  Martha had great faith in Jesus.  She is the patron saint of servants, butlers, homemakers and cooks.

Our ministry serves our Christ the King community, and we partner with other ministries within our church family to welcome, nurture, support and encourage our fellow Catholics.  We provide meals for funeral receptions, as well as food and help for other Parish events.  We welcome you to help out in this rewarding ministry.  Please contact any of us for more information and to be added to our email/phone list to be notified when your help may be needed.

Marcia Boyd303-674-3361

Pat Theno303-674-4477

Teri Walsh720-249-7676

Jean Giroulx303-670-3316 

Nancy Tolbert719-989-8380