Parish Councils


The Pastoral Council serves the pastor in a consultative capacity. It exists to help and support the pastor and the members of his staff in the accomplishment of the pastoral objectives, identifying pastoral needs, implementation and evaluation of programs and initiatives, as well as encouraging volunteerism and participation by the parishioners in the life and ministry of the church. It is not a decision-making body, but has an integral part in framing the work of the parish, contemplating possibilities, and helping to establish realistic goals.  Through the work of the council, the new Parish Center was envisioned and built, a greater emphasis on stewardship has been brought forward, and our focus has shifted from providing multiple separate services to being fully committed to a family faith model.  The pastor is not a member of the Pastoral Council, but rather presides over them and carefully evaluates the consultation and advice given. The Pastoral Council members are the representatives of our families, and are selected from a wide cross-section of parish life.  If you have any concerns or comments, we would love to hear them and encourage you to seek out your representatives. They are:

  • Kerry Dayhoff
  • Shirin Dayhoff
  • Chris Dipert
  • Michael Hartmere
  • Anne Rudzinski
  • Ron Rudzinski


The Finance Council advises the pastor on financial matters of the parish, including budget, charitable giving, and asset management. Finance Councils are mandated by Canon Law and are comprised of active CTK parishioners, who are primarily successful professionals that help guide the parish to financial stability. Our current Finance Council consists of at least three members of the parish; members are to serve for three years with the possibility of reappointment. The pastor is to preside over the Finance Council. Current members of the Finance Council are:

  • Charlotte Brantley
  • Ray Dowdle
  • Bob Newkirk
  • Jane Williams