Denver Biblical & Catechetical Schools

The Lay Division of the St John Vianney Seminary offers their two flagship programs — Denver Catholic Biblical School and Denver Catholic Catechetical School — and several other Enrichment Programs every year to help people learn, know, love, and share their faith. Classes are offered Sept-May every year, with other additional special interest workshops and short courses offered throughout the year, as well. In the past, Christ the King has hosted a variety of classes at the church. For the 2022-2023 academic year, CTK is not hosting any in-person classes onsite; however, the Lay Division will be livestreaming many Biblical, many Catechetical and all Enrichment classes, so you can still participate.

This is a four-year journey through the Sacred Scriptures. Using the “narrative approach” to study salvation history in every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, students learn how God’s promises, prophesies, and covenants of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the Person and mission of Jesus Christ and His Church. Year One covers Genesis through 2 Maccabees. Year Two covers the Synoptic Gospels, Acts and the Pauline letters. Year Three studies the Prophets. Year Four studies OT Wisdom literature, then from the NT: James, Jude, 1 & 2 Peter, the Gospel of John and Revelation. Graduates come away with a deeper love of Christ and understanding of the gift of faith.

This is a two-year study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that focuses on the Catechism as a “Ladder of Ascent,” climbing rung by rung from the blessing of this world to the blessing of Heaven. You’ll study the four sections of the Catechism: the Apostles’ Creed; Liturgy and Sacraments; the Moral Life, and Prayer. New for 2022-2023, a Catechetical class for high-schoolers will be taught in person at the St John Paul II Center (1300 S Steele St, Denver) on Wednesday afternoons.

Year-long special interest Enrichment Courses are also offered. These classes are lecture-based and present the broad horizon of the Catholic religion. Classes starting September 2022 include: Dante’s Divine Comedy; Pilgrimage: Church History; The First Domestic Church: Life of the Holy Family; Life in Christ: Prayer and Conversion; and, Catholic Theatre and the Arts.

All three programs start the week of  September 12, 2022 and run through May 2023 (30 weeks of class). Free informational talks about each class are offered throughout summer 2022, so you can learn about a class before you enroll. We strongly encourage our parishioners to participate in any of these classes/programs, as students and graduates not only gain a knowledge of the faith, but a genuine love of the faith. And through that love, acquire a desire to share the faith with the people in their lives — family, work and community.  Students who complete any of these classes oftentimes are involved, or become involved, in the many CTK ministries, and through the classes are given the tools and knowledge to enrich their vital work in their ministries.

For more information about class schedules, cost and discounts, and to register, click HERE or call their office at 303.715.3195.