Snow Policy

Being situated in the Colorado foothills makes it difficult to have every scheduled event as planned when bad weather hits. Our hope is to notify people in advance when the weather (or any other unforeseen circumstance) makes it impossible to hold a scheduled event. Ideally, we could contact each participant for a given event individually, but that is not always possible or expedient. We will, however, post cancellations on the website no later than an hour before the start of the scheduled event. We will also try to change the outgoing message for the staff member organizing the event. The appropriate staff phone numbers are listed below. Note that non-parish events or those of certain clubs or organizations cannot be posted by the parish and it is up to each group to notify of cancellations when applicable.

When we do hold an event in snowy conditions every attempt will be made to ensure that driveways, parking areas and walkways are clear of snow. Remember, though, that conditions can worsen quickly, so please always try to be careful driving or walking in inclement weather.

General/Rectory – 303-674-3155
Religious Education Р303-674-5282